7 Science Chapter 9 Soil

Chapter Notes and Summary
• Soil is very vital to life on our planet.
• Soil profile is a section through various layers of soil. Different layers are referred to as horizons.
• Soil falls into three different types : sandy, loamy and clayey.
• Rate of percolation in water varies from one type of soil to another. In sandy, soil, it is highest, but least in clayey soil.
• Different types of soil enable us to cultivate a variety of crops. Loam and clay are most favourable for growth of wheat, paddy and gram. Sandy loamy soil is most suitable for growing cotton.
• Soil contains some water within it, that is mentioned as ‘soil moisture’. capacity of a soil to hold water has significance in various crops.
• Pots, toys and statues are made out of clayey soil.

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