7 Science Chapter 8 Winds Storms And Cyclones

Chapter Notes and Summary
• Pressure all around us is exerted by air.
• Upon heating air expands, it contracts upon cooling.
• Warm air rises up, whereas relatively cool air is inclined to sink towards earth’s surface.
• As warm air rises up, pressure at that particular spot drops down, so cooler air moves up to that spot.
• Wind is another name of ‘moving air.’ • Imbalanced heating on earth is major cause of wind movements.
• Winds carrying water vapour cause rain.
• Cyclones are caused by differences in air pressure and high speed winds.
• Advanced technology like radars and technology enable us to monitor cyclones without much difficulty.
• Self-defence is best way to protect ourselves. Hence it is strongly advisable to plan in advance and be fully prepared to face all eventualities of any approaching cyclone.

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