7 Science Chapter 7 Weather Climate And Adaptations Of Animals To Climate

Chapter Notes and Summary
• Day to day conditions in atmosphere around one place in relation to temperature, wind speed, rainfall etc.
is referred to as weather of that place.
• Normally weather is not same on any two days, it keeps on changing week after week.
• maximum temperature of a particular day occurs usually in afternoon, while minimum temperature is recorded in early morning.
• time of sunrise and sunset also change according to season.
• All changes in whether are brought about by sun.
• Climate of a country or place is average weather pattern taken over a long period e.g., 25 years.
• tropical and polar regions are two regions of earth which have severe climatic conditions.
• Animals are adapted according to conditions in which they live.
• Polar regions are extremely cold all year round. sun does not set for six months in a year, in other six months it does not rise.
• In polar regions, animals are adopted to freezing cold climate as they have some special characteristics like white fur, sharp senses of smell, a layer of fat under skin and also large wide paws for walking and swimming.
• Migration is another way of escaping biting cold conditions.

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