7 History Chapter 9 Making Of Regional Cultures

Chapter Notes and Summary
• Medieval period saw emergence of several regional languages and associated literature.
Chera Kingdom introduced Malayalam language and script in their inscriptions.
• In Orissa, local deity came to be identified with Vishnu with a temple at jagannath in Puri.
Rajputs contributed a lot to distinctive culture of Rajasthan. They cherished ideal of hero.
• Stories about Rajput heroes were recorded in poems and songs which were recited by specially trained minstrels.
• Regions were identified with dance. Thus, Kathak was identified with North India, Bharatnatyam with Tamil Nadu, Kathakali with Kerala, Kuchipudi with Andhra Pradesh etc.
• Music also developed into various forms like qawwali and khayal and new instruments like Sitar were invented.
• tradition of miniature painting is also noteworthy. earliest miniatures were on palm leaves or wood.
• Bengali language is derived from sanskrit. Early Bengali literature may be divided into two categories—The first includes translations from sanskrit epics and second includes Nath literature.
• cult of Pir became popular in Bengal.
• A number of temples got constructed in Bengal. Local deities began to be worshipped in temples.

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