7 History Chapter 8 Devotional Paths To Divine

Chapter Notes and Summary
• In eighth century, two new religious movements emerged—Sufism and Bhakti.
• Devotion to God without discrimination on basis of caste was taught by Bhakti and Sufi saints.
Sufism introduced many popular orders or silsilas of which most widespread were Shariat and Chisti Silsilas.
• Bhakti movement developed in South India under Nayanars and Alvars.
• Nayanars devoted to Shiva and Alvars devoted to Vishnu.
• Shankara was an advocate of Advaita or doctrine of oneness of individual soul and Supreme God.
• Bhakti saint-poets, such as Kabir and Baba Guru Nanak rejected all orthodox religions.
Tulsidas, Surdas and Mira Bai promoted devotional singing and Bhakti.
• Both Sufism and Bhakti movements had several common traits and spread as popular movements at about same time.

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