7 Geography Chapter 9 Life In Temperate Grasslands

Chapter Notes and Summary
Prairies are temperate grassland found in North America. They are bound by Rocky Mountains in West and Great Lakes in East.
• It has continental type of climate with warm summers and very cold winters.
• Climate favours cultivation of crops here.
‘Chinook’ a local wind blows here.
• Prairies are practically tree less. Large scale farming with modern technology is done here.
• prairies are known as ‘Granaries of world’ because surplus wheat is produced here.
• Temperate grasslands of South Africa are called Velds.
• Here summers are short and warm and winters are cool and dry.
Sheep and cattle rearing are main occupation of people. Angora goats and Merino sheep are famous breeds.
Dairy and mixed farming, gold and diamond mining are widely practised in many parts of South Africa.
• Grasslands make up almost a quarter of total land surface.
• world’s grasslands are divided into two categories those that occur in temperate region and those that occur in tropical region.

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