7 Geography Chapter 6 Natural Vegetation And Wildlife

Chapter Notes and Summary
Natural vegetation means plants that grow naturally without human interference.
• Natural vegetation can be categorised into three categories namely; forest, grassland and desert.
• change in type of natural vegetation occurs mainly because of changes of climatic conditions.
• Forests grow where temperature and rainfall are plentiful to support a tree cover.
• Forests are classified into—tropical evergreen forests, tropical deciduous forests, temperate evergreen forests, temperate deciduous forests, mediterranean vegetation and coniferous forests.
• Grasslands are found in regions of moderate rainfall. They are of two types—tropical grasslands, which have tall coarse grass, and temperate grasslands.
• Tropical grassland of Africa is called Savannah.
• Temperate grasslands are in mid-latitudes and are called prairies, steppes, etc. Grass is usually short here.
Thorny bushes are found in dry desert like regions.
Mosses, lichens and very small Shrubs are found in cold regions. This is called tundra type vegetation.

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