7 Geography Chapter 10 Life In Deserts

Chapter Notes and Summary
• Deserts are characterised by low rainfall, scanty vegetation and extreme temperatures.
• Sahara is largest hot desert in world and is located in North America.
• oasis in Sahara and Nile valley in Egypt support settled population.
• Climate is hot and rainfall is scanty here.
• Main animals found here are camels, jackals, sand fox, cobras, chameleons, etc.
• Vegetation in Sahara includes cactus, date palm and acacias.
Ladakh is a cold desert and is located on Eastern side of Jammu and Kashmir.
• Climate is very cold and dry.
• Vegetation in Ladakh is sparse, with stunted willows, poplars and grasses.
• Animals found here include snow leopard, wild sheep, yak, etc.
• Main occupations of people of Ladakh are animal rearing, agriculture and tourism.
Pashmina wool of this region is famous.
Leh and Kargil are main towns in Ladakh.

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