7 Geography Chapter 1 Environment

Chapter Notes and Summary
• surrounding in which one lives forms environment.
• Environment can broadly be classified into natural and human environment.
• Natural environment consists of all objects created by nature (land, water, air, plants and animals). It refers to both biotic and abiotic conditions existing on earth.
• Human environment consists of surroundings created by humans (roads, bridges, etc.).
• natural environment consists of lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere.
• Lithosphere is solid outermost part of earth, where we live.
• Hydrosphere includes all water bodies.
• Atmosphere is thin layer of air that surrounds earth.
• Biosphere links three realms of earth.
Our Environment
• relation between different living organisms as well as relation between organisms and their surroundings form an ecosystem.
• Man is destroying environment through deforestation, industrialisation, etc.
• Trading in which goods are exchanged, without use of money is known as Barter System.

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