7 English Chapter 4 Chivvy

Chapter Notes and Summary
‘Chivvy’ means urging someone continuously to do something. Generally grown-ups have habit to keep telling children what to do or what not to do, so that they can learn good manners. They tell children not to speak when there is food in their mouth. They tell children not to stare at others or point fingers at them. They even tell them not to pick i.e., clean their nose. Usually children don’t like their instructions. children are also told to sit straight and say please. They are even told to be less noisy and shut door when they leave room. grown ups tell children not to drag their feet and keep a hanky with them. They tell children to keep their hands out of their pockets. grown ups tell children to pull up their socks and to stand up straight. They tell children to say thank you and not to interrupt when others are speaking. They tell children not to keep their elbows on table. They teach children how to behave in a cultured manner yet at same time they want them to learn to think independently.

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