7 English Chapter 3 Shed

Chapter Notes and Summary
shed is a small room for storing things. poet tells us that at one end of garden in this house there is a shed. It is not used regularly as door is closed and there is a cobweb hanging at door. hinges of door have become rusty and when door shakes because of wind, there is a creaking sound. poet hears this sound while lying in bed. He plans to open door one day and see what is there inside it. poet tells us that at side of shed there is an old window covered with dust. There are three panes of glass in window which are cracked. poet always feels that there is someone inside who is looking through window whenever he goes through that way. poet states that one day he would peep through window. poet tells us that his brother says that there is a ghost inside shed who hides under rotten floorboards. And if poet ever went in, he would jump and chop off his head. Still poet feels that one day he would peep inside and see who is there. poet says that in reality there is no ghost in shed and his brother has told him these lies only to keep shed as his own hiding place. He says that nobody is looking out of window and nobody is making noise. Even spider has gone away from web. He decides once again to walk into shed but there is no hurry to implement this plan at moment.

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