7 Civics Chapter 4 Growing Up As Boys And Girls

Chapter Notes and Summary
• Gender is a social construction through which social and cultural roles of males and females are defined.
• There exists a gender inequality where women are paid lesser than men for same job.
• Most of societies value men and women differently. role women play and work they do are usually valued less than roles men play and work they do. This clears fact that men and women do not have same status.
• Domestic work done by women is devalued. domestic work involves many different tasks which sometimes require heavy physical work.
• Equality is an important principle of our constitution which says that being male or female should not become a reason for discrimination.
• Government has introduced measures like Anganwadis or Child Care Centres to improve status of women in society. government has also started creche facilities to help women to take up employment outside home.

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