7 Civics Chapter 3 How State Government Works

Chapter Notes and Summary
• An MLA is a member of Legislative Assembly and also forms government. He is elected by people, thus he represents people.
• organisation of state government includes Governors, state legislature and state council of ministers.
• State government is headed by Governor.
• Every state in India has a Legislative Assembly and duration of legislative assembly is five years.
• Each state is divided into different areas or constituencies.
MLAs are elected by people from various constituencies.
MLAs belong to different political parties.
• political party that has majority is called a ruling party and all other members become opposition.
• MLAs belonging to ruling party elect their leader, who becomes chief minister. chief minister then selects other people as ministers.
• chief minister and other ministers together are responsible to run government in state.
• All MLAs who gather together in Legislative Assembly are called Legislature.
• government can also decide to make new laws for state regarding sanitation and health facilities. various government departments then implement these laws.

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