6 History Chapter 8 Ashoka Emperor Who Gave Up War

Chapter Notes and Summary
Ashoka, a Unique Ruler : Ashoka was first ruler in history of world, who gave directions to people through inscriptions. Most of Ashoka’s inscriptions were in Prakrit and were written in Brahmi script.
Ashoka’s views on Kalinga : Ashoka tried to conquer Kalinga. However, violence and bloodshed led him to decide not to fight any more wars.
Ashoka’s Dhamma : These were set of instructions given by Ashoka to his subjects, which were inspired by Buddha’s teachings. He appointed officials and Dhamma Mahamatta, who taught people about ‘dhamma’, which was one of ways to make society a better one.
Other Regions : Mauryas controlled vast areas between main centers with help of resources such as taxes and tributes. Also, forested regions were expected to provide elephants, timber, honey and wax to Mauryan officials.
Capital City : We come to know about capital through Megasthenes, who was an ambassador sent to court of Chandragupta by Greek ruler of West Asia , Seleucus Nicator.
Ashoka’s Messages to his Subjects : Ashoka got his messages inscribed on rocks and pillars. He also sent messengers to spread Dhamma to other lands such as Syria, Egypt, Greece and Sri Lanka.
Dynasty : A line of rulers from same family, who are distinguished for their success, wealth and inherit same from their successors.
Ruling Empire : Different parts of empire were ruled in a different manner. For instance, areas around Pataliputra was under direct control of Emperor. While other areas, such as provinces of Taxila or Ujjain were ruled from provincial capitals by royal princes.
First Empire : Chandragupta Maurya founded Mauryan Empire about 2300 years ago. He was supported by Chanakya or Kautilya whose ideas were written down in a book called Arthashastra.

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