6 History Chapter 3 From Gathering To Growing Food

Chapter Notes and Summary
• Different plants grow in different conditions. Different animals also prefer different environments.
• Farming developed as a consequence of climate change of world. People observed plants and how they grow. Gradually they also started growing crops.
• People also started taming animals. dog was first animal to be tamed.
• Animals like sheep, goat, cattle were also tamed and so people became herders.
• Grains were used as seeds, as food, and also as gifts. They were stored by humans.
• Animals were also ‘stored’ since they can serve as a source of milk and also ready meat. So, animals were used as a ‘store’ of food.
• Some sites have provided evidence of farmers and herders. Plant remains and animal bones have been found and studied.
• Archaeologists have found traces of huts or houses at various sites. Pit-houses were built by digging into ground.
• period of history after about 10,000 years ago is called Neolithic Age. Mortars and pestles and other tools of Neolithic age have also been found.
• People grew cotton by this time and so weaving of clothes had begun.
• Many farmers and herders lived in groups, which were known as Tribes. Certain customs and practices were followed by them.
• Mehrgarh was situated in a fertile plain, near Bolan Pass. Here, people learnt to grow barley and wheat. It is one of earliest villages.
• On excavation, levels are found which indicate chronology (order of events).
• In Mehrgarh, remains of houses have also been found. They had four or more compartments. Various burial sites have been found in Mehrgarh.
• Stone tools, a stone called jadeite, etc., have been discovered in Daojali Hading near Brahmaputra Valley.

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