6 English Chapter 9 Poem What if

Chapter Notes and Summary
The poet expresses his fears through this poem. He often wonders what would happen if earth stops revolving round sun or if sun does not rise in morning. At night when poet goes to bed, some whatif questions crop up in his mind and keep him awake all night. poet wonders what would happen if he is not able to speak in school, swimming pool of his school closes. He mulls over getting sick and dying, failing in a test, green hair growing on his chest and nobody liking him. He wonders what he would do if he gets struck by lightning, he stops to grow or his head gets smaller. He wonders about his parents getting divorced, a war starting, his bus coming late, he tearing off his pants and he not being able to learn to dance. Everything seems good till night time when whatif questions begin to arise in poet’s mind.

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