6 English Chapter 8 Poem Vocation

Chapter Notes and Summary
‘Vocation’ is a poem writtern by Rabindranath Tagore. It describe a child’s desire for freedom he sees in three people at three different times of day. He wants to be each one of them.
At ten in morning while going to school, he sees a bangle-seller crying out, “Bangles, crystal bangles!” child likes his free manner of living. He can follow any road. He can go to any place. He has no fixed time for doing anything. In fact, bangle-seller is not at all in a hurry. child wishes that he were a hawker crying, “Bangles, crystal bangles!” At 4 p.m. while coming back from school, child sees a gardener digging ground. He is also a free man. He can do anything with his spade. He can soil his clothes with mud. No one scolds him if he gets wet. None can stop him from digging. So child wishes to be a gardener, digging ground with freedom.
Night comes. child’s mother sends him to bed. He sees through open window. There is a watchman walking up and down dark and lonely lane. street lamp stands like a giant with one red eye in its head. watchman swings his lantern. He never goes to bed. child wishes that he were a watchman walking streets all night and chasing shadows.

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