6 English Chapter 8 A Pact with Sun

Chapter Notes and Summary
Saeeda’s mother had been sick for a long time. She was suffering from fever, cough, body-ache and painful joints. doctors asked Saeeda’s mother to not eat any normal food. They advised her to remain confined to her small dingy room with all doors and windows shut. Sunshine and fresh air never entered her room.
When Saeeda’s mother became critical, a specialist was called to examine her. He prescribed her an effective but costly medicine and advised her to leave dingy room and shift into a bigger room with doors and windows open. He also asked her to sit in sun every morning from eight to nine. Many opposed doctor’s advise but Saeeda’s mother was adamant to follow it.
The sky remained overcast with clouds for next two days. In afternoon of second day, Saeeda saw some sun rays in courtyard of their house. She requested sun rays to come back next day with lot of warmth and brightness as her mother needed their help.
Next day, when sunrays were getting ready to go to earth, sun, their father, forbade them to leave. One of them however revolted against their father because he had made a pact with Saeeda.
He requested his father to allow them to go as Saeeda needed them. With this other rays too rushed to earth. Saeeda was overjoyed to see them. From then, her mother sat in sun every morning. Soon, sun and fresh air together made her healthy.
Saeeda’s mother however, still follows doctor’s advice–an hour of sunlight and lungful of fresh air everyday.

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