6 English Chapter 8 A Game of Chance

Chapter Notes and Summary
A fair was held on occasion of Eid every year in village of narrator Rasheed. Uncle took narrator to fair. Bhaiya who worked at their home accompanied them. By chance, uncle met some of his friends in fair, who took him with them. Before leaving he warned narrator to not buy anything in his absence.
Bhaiya and Rasheed went around fair and came to a shop called Lucky Shop. owner was a middleaged man. He wanted everybody to try their luck. An old man tried his luck and got 15 rupees in return for clock he had won. A little boy too won many prizes. He went away with a smile and a good deal of cash.
Rasheed also wanted to try his luck. Bhaiya encouraged him. He went kept on trying till he lost all money he had. They then went to place where uncle had left them. Uncle came, looked at Rasheed and asked him why he looked upset. Bhaiya told him what had happened. Uncle smiled and patted him.
He then bought him many beautiful gifts.
Back home, uncle told Rasheed that owner of Lucky shop had made a fool of him. Those who won prizes were his friends. What happened with Rasheed was not a matter of bad luck. owner of shop along with his friends had played tricks to tempt him to try his luck. They wanted his money and they got it. Uncle advised Rasheed to forget about incident.

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