6 English Chapter 6 Who I Am

Chapter Notes and Summary
This lesson describes how each one of us likes and enjoys doing different things. Given below are some of examples taken from text.
Radha – Radha likes to climbs trees. She usually sits on branches of mango tree outside her house. Even though her mother thinks that it is not sensible for girls to sit on trees, yet one day, she herself climbed a mango tree with Radha and ate raw mangoes with her. Radha feels on top of world when she sits on tree.
Nasir – Nasir’s family has their own cotton fields in their village. Every year his father has to spend money on buying new seeds from market. Nasir wants to learn skill of preserving seeds so that his family can use seeds from same plants again and save money that is spent an buying new seeds.
Rohit – Rohit enjoys travelling. If he has a lot of money he would like to see mountains of New Zealand, sail down Amazon River and live on beaches of Lakshadweep. He also wants to see old city of Beijing, Konark temple and Pyramids in Egypt.
Serbjit – Serbjit gets angry when his parents, teachers and other people don’t believe in him even when he is telling truth. Many a times, he has to look down at his shoes and count to ten to hide his anger.
Dolma – Dolma wants to become Prime Minister of India. In school she is helpful and responsible. Her teachers trust her. She wants to have better hospitals, roads and schools for everyone. She wants our country to have good scientists who can find cure for dangerous diseases and send a spaceship to Mars.
Peter – Peter loves second Sunday of every month because he goes to cinema hall with his family.
His father buys them peanuts during film and later they also get to eat ice-creams. He feels lucky to belong to such a happy family.

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