6 English Chapter 6 Monkey and Crocodile

Chapter Notes and Summary
A monkey used to live on a fruit tree near bank of a river. One day a crocodile came near tree.
Soon monkey and crocodile became friends. monkey plucked some delicious fruits from tree and gave him to eat. From that day on, they met every day and talked for long hours. monkey also gave crocodile some fruits for his wife.
The crocodile’s wife did not like her husband’s friendship with monkey. She was annoyed because her husband had started coming home late every day.
One day, she asked her husband to bring monkey to house. She wanted to eat monkey’s heart. crocodile refused. She got furious and dived deep into river. She left little ones to pester their father.
The crocodile loved his wife very much. At same time, he didn’t want to betray his friend. Finally finding no choice, he decided to bring monkey home. He went to monkey and invited him for a meal. monkey readily agreed. He rode on crocodile’s back and they set out towards crocodile’s house, unware of danger.
In middle of stream, crocodile told monkey that he had brought him there because his wife wanted to eat his heart. monkey got frightened but maintained his calm. He told crocodile that he had left his heart on tree; so they should rush back to tree to bring heart back. foolish crocodile swam as fast as he could. As soon as they reached bank of river, monkey climbed tree and was safe. He told crocodile that they would never meet again. crocodile felt sad that he had lost his friend.

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