6 English Chapter 5 A Different Kind of School

Chapter Notes and Summary
The author had heard a lot about Miss Beam’s school. He always wanted to go there to see how her school was different from other schools. When he first went there, he saw that a girl’s eyes were covered with a bandage and she was being guided by boy much younger than her.
He later met Miss Beam who was just as he had imagined. She was authoritative yet a kind and understanding woman. She told author that real aim of her school was not to teach thoughts but thoughtfulness and kindness towards others. She told author that in her school none of children were blind, cripple or lame but as part of school system each term every child had one blind day, one lame day, one deaf day, one dumb day and one injured day. This was done to make students understand misfortune, by making them share in misfortune too.
When author met blindfolded girl again she told him that being blind was toughest of all roles she’d played. She always had fear of being hit by something. To her, people who had experienced a blind day before, proved to be best helpers for blinds. By end of day, author too felt a change in him. He was convinced that Miss Beam’s method of teaching was indeed a unique and thoughtful one.

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