6 English Chapter 4 OldClock Shop

Chapter Notes and Summary
It was Christmas Eve. people were going home after shopping. Yet, lights of old clock shop were still on. Its owner was a deaf old man. His name was Ray. He was still working on a clock he had sold that day.
Having finished his work, Ray stood up and was about to go to back room when two men entered his shop. One was in his twenties, and other was around fifty. young man stood at door and olderman approached counter. There was no sign of friendliness in his eyes. Ray realised that visitor was not really a shopper. Ray gave him a note pad and a pencil across counter, indicating that he was deaf and dumb. man’s expression changed as he looked at notepad.
In mean time, Ray had noticed something like a gun in man’s pocket. Ray was filled with rage, but he kept cool. He wrote on pad, “May I help you?” older man looked at Ray and smiled wickedly.
Ray wrote another message. “Have you come to pick up a clock or watch?” Ray was a kind-hearted man. He lended money to poor. He could never say ‘No’ to needy. He always used to end up paying more than he should have.
The older man took out his hand from pocket and showed watch on his wrist and asked, “How much will you give me for this?” watch was nothing special but it could help man in his difficult times. Ray understood that man was needy. Ray asked him how much he needed for watch. reply came back: “Whatever it’s worth”. Ray took out a fifty-dollar note from his cash-box and passed it to man. man was thankful. When Ray and visitor shook hands, unfriendly face of visitor turned friendly. Before leaving, man wrote, “I will come back to pick my watch as soon as I can.” sweet chiming of clocks sent a message which was filled with hope, peace and goodwill.

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