6 English Chapter 3 Taro’s Reward

Chapter Notes and Summary
Once there lived a young wood cutter named Taro. He lived with his old parents on a lonely hillside.
Although he worked very hard he earned very little money. He could not provide his parents everything they needed. This made him sad.
One cold evening, when Taro and his parents were sitting is their hut, his father wished to have a cup of sake. Taro couldn’t buy it because it was an expensive drink.
Taro decided to work harder than before. Next day he got up earlier and went to forest. While he was chopping wood, he suddenly heard sound of rushing water. When Taro reached spot, he saw a beautiful little waterfall hidden behind a rock. He drank some water. To his surprise, it tasted like most delicious sake. Taro filled his pitcher with sake and brought it home.
Taro gave some sake to his father. After drinking it, old man was so happy that he began to dance.
Taro also gave a little sake to a lady and told her story of magical waterfall. lady spread story of waterfall throughout village.
Next day when Taro reached magical waterfall, he found all his neighbours already there with pitchers, jars, buckets, etc. One villager drank liquid again and again and angrily shouted that it was only cold water. All villagers left place one by one. Taro who was hiding behind a rock, came out of his hiding place. Once again, he tasted liquid. It was fine sake. Taro was a thoughtful son. He wanted to serve his parents. But others were greedy. Due to this reason waterfall gave Taro sake and others water.
The story of Taro and magic waterfall reached Emperor of Japan. He gave Taro twenty pieces of gold as a reward. He also named most beautiful fountain in city after Taro.

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