6 English Chapter 3 Shepherd’s Treasure

Chapter Notes and Summary
Once a poor shepherd lived in a village in Iran. Although uneducated, he was very wise and helpful. Many people came to visit him for advice. Soon he became very famous for his wisdom and friendly nature.
One day king of country disguised as a shepherd went to meet him on a mule. shepherd took him to his cave and served him with food and water. king became immensely impressed of his hospitality and wise talks.
Next morning, when king was about to leave, he thanked shepherd for his kindness. shepherd recognised king. He thanked king for paying him a visit. king was both surprised and pleased. He appointed humble shepherd as governor of a small district.
The shepherd remained as humble as ever. His fame as a fair and wise governor soon spread throughout country. This made other governors jealous of him. They began to poison king’s ears against shepherd.
They told king that shepherd had kept a large part of tax money for himself. He kept his share in an iron chest that he always carried with him.
The king was soon up with stories of new governor’s dishonesty. So he called him to palace.
The new governor came riding his camel. He even carried iron chest with him on camel’s back.
To everyones surprise, when chest was opened an old blanket was found in it. When king asked governor why he was carrying old blanket like a treasure. governor informed him that this was his only treasure. It would protect him even if his royal robes were taken away one day. wise man’s reply pleased king. He made him governor of a much bigger district.

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