6 English Chapter 2 How Dog Found Himself a New Master!

Chapter Notes and Summary
Long before dogs were their own masters, until a dog was born who got tired of wandering alone in search of food. Therefore, he felt need for a master. At first, dog decided to be servant of a big wolf. But wolf was afraid of a bear. So, dog parted company with wolf and decided to take up service with bear. bear readily became his master.
As they walked on, there appeared a lion. Seeing lion, bear ran hastily deeper into forest.
The dog came to understand that lion was strongest beast on earth. So dog went to lion and asked him to be his master. lion agreed to it. dog stayed with lion for a long time. It was a good life and so, dog had nothing to complain of.
One day dog found that lion had become weaker before man and was afraid of him. So he broke off with lion too, and took up service with man. He stayed with man and served him faithfully.
To this day dog is man’s most loyal servant.

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