6 English Chapter 2 Friendly Mongoose

Chapter Notes and Summary
A farmer and his wife used to live in a village. They had a small child. One day, farmer brought a tiny mongoose home as their son’s companion. In five to six months, mongoose grew to its full size, whereas farmer’s son was still a baby.
One day farmer’s wife needed to go to market. Her baby was sleeping in cradle. She did not like idea of leaving child along with mongoose. In her absence she asked her husband to keep an eye on child. But soon after she had left, her husband too had to go out to fields and he didn’t return for quite some time.
When farmer’s wife came back home from market, she saw mongoose’s face and paws smeared with blood. She was blind with rage. She thought that mongoose had killed her child who was sleeping inside. Without waiting for a moment, she hit mongoose with her heavy basket. mongoose died instantly.
But when lady reached spot where baby was sleeping, she found baby unharmed. Then she saw an injured, dead snake lying near cradle on floor. farmer’s wife understood whole story. mongoose had killed snake and saved her son’s life. lady was filled with regret, it was too late now. She had lost her faithful pet because of her hasty and rash action.

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