6 English Chapter 1 Who Did Patrick’s Homework

Chapter Notes and Summary
Patrick never did his homework. He found it too boring. He was only interested in games. His teachers advised him to work, but to no avail. One day he found his cat playing with a little doll. But it was not a doll. It was a very tiny man (elf). Patrick grabbed it away. tiny man requested him to save his life. In return, he promised to grant him a wish. Patrick asked him to do all his homework till end of semester.
The little man (elf) agreed. But he needed help in all subjects particularly in maths. Patrick helped him by staying up late at nights and completing his homework.
The last day of school arrived and there was no more homework. To everyone’s surprise Patrick got his A’s. His parents wondered what had happened to him. Patrick had now completely changed. He had also developed a new attitude.
Till end Patrick thought that it was he who had made elf do all his homework. But it was not true. It was in fact Patrick himself who had done homework. Self help is therefore best help.

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