6 Civics Chapter 9 Urban Livelihood

Chapter Notes and Summary
Vendors and Government Measures : There are some shops on pavement. Vendors sell things prepared at home like snacks or food. Street vending is an obstruction to traffic. government has introduced measures to reduce number of vendors. Hawking zones have been suggested for towns and cities.
Market : Markets in cities are crowded during festivals. There are different shops selling sweets, toys, clothes, footwear, utensils, electronic goods, etc.
Business Persons : In cities, there are people who own shops in various markets. Harpreet, a businesswoman, opened a readymade showrooms. She buys materials from different cities of India like Mumbai, Ahmedabad,
etc. and some items even from foreign countries.
Showrooms : Businesspersons are not employed by anyone but they employ a number of workers as supervisors and helpers. They get licence from Municipal Corporations to open showrooms.
Shops in Market Place : Medical clinics are also set up in market place. Dental clinic helps people to solve tooth problems. Next to dental clinic is a cloth showroom with three floors.
Factory area : A factory area consists of small workshops. In one of factories, people work on sewing machines and stich clothes. In another section, stitched clothes are stacked. Many women work as tailors in export garment unit.
Factory Workshop Area : Some groups of people stand in a place called “labour chowk”. They are daily wage labourers who work as helpers to masons. They also work at construction sites and lift loads or unload trucks in market.
Sales persons : Sales-persons work is to get orders from shopkeepers and collect payments from them. Each salesperson is responsible for a particular region.
Marketing Manager : A Marketing Manager’s task is to manage marketing resources of a product or business.
He can be an in-charge of a single product or brand or can be a General Manager responsible for a broad array of products and services.
Office Area : Offices have tall buildings in cities. Marketing Manager in an office supervises work of 50 salespersons and he travels to different parts of city.
City Outlook : main streets in cities are always buzzing with various activities like there of vegetable vendor, flower-seller, newspaper-seller, auto-rickshaws filled with school children or cycle rickshaw pullers waiting for customers.
Sales Person : A sales person is a person who sells goods in a shop.
Factory : A factory is a building where goods are manufactured in large quantities.
Workshop : A room, area or small establishment where manual or light industrial work is done.
Benefits : A payment made or entitlement available in accordance with a wage agreement, an insurance policy or a public assistance programme.

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