6 Civics Chapter 7 Urban Administration

Chapter Notes and Summary
Ward Councillor :
• Ward Councillors are responsible for construction of hospitals.
• They are elected by people living in that ward/area.
• Groups of Councillors make decisions on policy-making.
• Committees of Ward Councillors look after water, garbage collection and street lighting.
Duties of Ward Councillors :
• Ward Councillors make budget.
• They look into demands of their respective Wards.
• They assign task of implementation to administrative staff.
Administrative Staff :
• Ward people can approach Ward Councillors regarding their problems, within a Ward. Members of Councillor Committees decide on various issues.
• Commissioner and administrative staff implement issues.
• Commissioner and administrative staff are appointed people.
• Ward Councillors are elected.
Municipal Council :
• It is an Administrative Department in cities.
• It supervises Division of work in different departments.
• It includes Departments of water, garbage collection, construction of roads, sanitation, etc.
Municipal Corporation :
• Takes care of street lights, garbage collection, water supply, etc.
• Creates awareness about epidemics such as malaria, dengue, etc.
• Teaches people about preventive measures to avoid diseases.
• Runs schools, hospitals and dispensaries.
Community Protest :
• Ward Community can submit its petition to Ward Councillor.
• Collective action taken is by Ward Engineer and Ward Council.
• Petitions are forwarded to Municipal Corporation Office.
• Municipal Corporation solves issues.
Garbage : Discarded food waste or any other unwanted/useless material.
Municipalities : A place with own local government: a city, town or other area.
Plague : Plague is a serious, potentially life threatening infectious disease that is usually transmitted to humans by bite of rodent fleas. It was one of scourges in history. There are three major forms of disease: bubonic, septicemic and pneumonic.

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