6 Civics Chapter 6 Rural Administration

Chapter Notes and Summary
Quarrel in Village : Mohan noticed that Raghu had shifted bund but Raghu refused to accept and instead he beats Mohan. Mohan’s neighbours helped him and he was provided first aid.
Gram Sabha : Panchayati Raj, through Gram Sabha, can solve land dispute problems, instead of taking issues to police station.
Work at Police Station : In police station, Mohan met Station House Officer and said that he wanted to give complain in writing. At first, S.H.O. refused, but later, he agreed that he would register case.
The S.H.O promised that he would send a constable to investigate incidence.
Patwari’s Duties : They include conducting land surveys, field supervision and reporting crime to police.
The role of Patwari is important in investigation. record of Patwari helps police to find out which person has extended his bund from original boundary.
Revenue Department : Keeping track of all these is work of revenue department. Senior people in this department supervise Patwari’s work.
Local Administration : All States of India are divided into districts. For managing matters relating to land, these districts are further sub-divided. These sub-divisions of a district are known by different names such as Tehsil, Taluka, etc.
At head is District Collector and under him are Revenue Officers, also known as Tehsildars.
Tehsildars have to hear disputes and supervise work of Patwari and ensure that records are properly kept and land revenue is collected. They make sure that farmers get a copy of their land records. Students can obtain their caste certificates, etc from them as well.
A New Law : Hindu Succession Amendment Act (2005) came into force from September 2005. Government of India has issued notification to this effect.
• Hindu Succession Amendment Act (2005) : This Act has been passed to remove gender discriminatory provisions in Hindu Succession Act, 1956 and gives following rights to daughters under Section 6:
• daughter of coparcener (joint heir) by birth becomes a coparcener by right in same manner as son.
The daughter has same rights in coparcener property as she would have had if she had been a son. In new law, sons, daughters and their mothers can get an equal share of land.
Tehsildar : Tehsildar is a revenue administrative officer incharge of obtaining taxation from a Tehsil. A Tehsildar is also called Patwari.
Survey : act of looking, seeing or observing.
Record : Anything that is written down and preserved as evidence, e.g., Land records in villages maintained by Patwari.
Investigation : A careful search or examination; systematic inquiry.
Dispute : Dispute is a quarrel or a debate.

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