6 Civics Chapter 5 Panchayati Raj

Chapter Notes and Summary
Gram Sabha : It is a body consisting of persons registered in electoral rolls at village level within area of Panchayat. presiding officer of Panchayat is known as Sarpanch, and Pradhan a Mukhiya.
• Recommendations of Gram Sabha are binding on Gram Panchayat.
• key roles entrusted to Gram Sabha are micro planning, social audit of Panchayat functioning, ratification of Panchayat accounts, balance sheets, identification and approval of beneficiaries, and supervisory and regulatory functions.
• institution of Gram Sabha is very important as it gives an opportunity to each and every voter of Gram Panchayat at local level to take part in decision-making process of decentralised governance as well as in planning and development.
Gram Panchayat : It is executive wing of Gram Sabha.
Functions of Gram Panchayat :
• It implements developmental programmes for all villages those come under its zone.
• It looks after construction and maintenance of water sources, roads, drainage system school buildings and other common property resources.
• It levies and collects taxes.
• Executes government schemes related to generation of employment in villages.
Sources of Funds for Gram Panchayat :
• Collection of taxes on houses, market places, etc.
• State Government funds.
• Donations.
Panchayat Samiti : It is an executive body. work of Gram Panchayat has to be approved by Gram Sabha. Gram Panchayat is answerable to Gram Sabha.

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