6 Civics Chapter 4 Key Elements Of Government

Chapter Notes and Summary
Role of People : people play an important role in proper functioning of a democratic government, which includes elections as well as working and decision-making responsibility of government.
Election : In a democracy, people cast their vote to elect their representatives, who take decisions on behalf of people. government is elected for a period of five years in India.
Working of Government : In a democratic country, people have right to participate in decisionmaking process of government. If government increases price of fuel and other commodities, people can express their views through social movements.
Social Movements : People express their views in many ways like dharnas, strikes, rallies and signature campaigns, e.g., Activists of Bhartiya Kisan Union staged a demonstration at Mini Secretariat to protest against power shortage during paddy transplantation season.
Recognition to Minority : democratic character of government of a country would be stronger if minority people(Dalits, Adivasis, Women) participate in process of government. minority communities and adivasis participated in working of government by demanding inclusion of Santhali language in Constitution of India.
Need to Resolve Conflict : Conflicts occur when people of different religions, cultures or economic backgrounds do not get along with each other. People use violent measures to settle their differences. government helps people in resolving these conflicts.
Role of Government : Suppose, if a religious procession and celebrations lead to conflicts, government, particularly police play an important role in getting representatives of concerned community to meet and try to arrive at a solution.
Equality and Justice : key idea of a democratic government is its commitment to equality and justice. minority communities were denied of many facilities. Dr. Ambedkar realised that such practices must not continue and justice can be achieved only if people are treated equally.

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