10 English Chapter 9 Bholi KA Abbas

Chapter Notes and Summary
Her name was Sulekha in her childhood. She was fourth daughter of Numberdar Ramlal. When she was ten months old, she had fallen off cot and her head and perhaps it had damaged some part of her brain. That is why she remained a backward child. At birth she was very fair and pretty. But when she was two years old, she had an attack of small-pox. Due to this disease entire body was permanently disfigured by deep black pock-marks. At advise of Tehsildar sahib Bholi was sent to school by Ramlal. She was completely neglected at home but her teacher could not neglect her. When she began to stammer teacher encouraged her. She also taught her real way of life. teacher brought a new change in life of Bholi. She also shaped her life. It was result that Bholi refused to marry Bishamber Nath when he demanded dowry.
Detailed Summary
Bholi as a Child
Her real name was Sulekha but since her childhood she had been called Bholi, simpleton. She was fourth daughter of Numberdar Ramlal. When she was only ten months old she fell down from cot on head and perhaps it had damaged some part of her brain. That is why she remained a backward child. At time of her birth she was very fair and beautiful. But when she was only two years old she had an attack of small-pox. Only eyes were saved, but entire body was permanently disfigured by deep black pock-marks. She started her speaking at age of five. She did not be able to speak clearly.
Her First Day at School
Ramlal was worried about Bholi because she was neither good looking nor intelligent. In village a primary school for girls was opened. Tehsildar sahib came to perform its opening ceremony. He told Ramlal that he was a representative of government so he must set an example to villagers and he must sent his daughters to school. That night Ramlal talked to his wife about this matter. She told him if girls goes to school, who will marry them. At last she was agreed to send Bholi to school. When Bholi and her father reached school their were many children in their classroom. Ramlal handed over his daughter and returned home. headmistress asked Bholi to sit down in a corner in one of classroom. Bholi did not know what exactly a school was like and what happened there but she was glad to find so many girls there. She thought one of these girls might become her friend. When lady teacher was teaching girls, Bholi was looking at pictures on wall.
Her Teacher Behaviour towards Her was Nice
Suddenly, Bholi noticed that teacher was standing there and she was smiling at her. When she asked her name to Bholi she could not speak clearly. She affectionaly encouraged her to speak her name. Her voice was very soft and soothing her voice toughed her heart. She had never been called like that in her life. teacher told her to put fear out of her heart and she would be able to speak like everyone. She gave a book to Bholi which was full of colour pictures. She told her in a month when she read this book she would give her another book.
Bishamber sent a Proposal to Ramlal
The year passed and now Bholi became adult. One day Bishamber a man who was fifty years old sent a proposal to Ramlal to marry to Bholi. Ramlal wife told Ramlal that they were lucky that he was from another village and he did not know about Bholi’s pock-marks and her lack of sense. She also told her husband if they did not accept proposal, Bholi might remain unmarried all her life. At last parents of Bholi accepted proposal of Bishamber, grocer. Bishamber Nath came with a big party of friends and relatives. Ramlal had never dreamt that her fourth daughter would have such a grand wedding.
Bholi Refused to Marry to Bishamber Nath
At time of auspicious Bholi came in a red silken bridal dress and she sat down near holy fire. All of a sudden Bishamber’s one friend told him that there were pock-marks at face of Bholi. Hearing this Bishamber Nath stood up and said that he would marry to Bholi if her father would give him five thousand rupees. Ramlal requested Bishamber to take two thousand but Ramlal was firm on his demand. Any how Ramlal arranged five thousand rupees and he put money on feet of Bishamber Nath. At this Bholi stood up from her seat and she refused to marry Bishamber Nath. She said her father to take back his money and she cleared that she was not going to marry this man. At this Ramlal was thunder struck. He asked Bholi if she was crazy and she wanted to disgrace their family. Bholi replied that for sake of their izzat she was willing to marry this lame old man. But she would not marry this greedy and contempible man. Ramlal asked his daughter what she would do in her life because nobody would marry her after this action. She replied that she would serve her parents and teach in same school where she learnt so much.

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