10 English Chapter 3 Two Stories about Flying

Chapter Notes and Summary
The short story ‘His First Flight’ by Irish author Liam O’ Flaherty is about a family of seagulls. They all can fly except youngest child, who has tried several times but to no avail. story highlights importance of friends and family in a person’s life. It also gives message that one needs to believe in self to overcome all type of fears in life. ‘The Black Aeroplane’ written by Frederick Forsyth is a mystery story. narrator was on his way to England hoping to enjoy his holiday with his family. He wanted to reach England in time so that he can enjoy a good English breakfast with his family.
Detailed Summary
His First Flight
(Lion O’Flaherty)
The Seagull Family
The family consists of six seagulls in total- Mother, father, three sons and one daughter. All children have learnt to fly except youngest son. parents have tried countless times to teach him, but he is too scared. He relies on food that parents bring back from their flights. No amount of coaxing, threatning, upbraiding could force him to flap his wings and make an attempt. He feared that his wings would never support him, he would fall down in sea below and drawn.
Parents Feel Helpless
So, left with no other options, parents decide that they must take firm measures to help youngest son. whole family flies away, leaving him alone on rock without food. They taunt him for his cowardice. young seagull looks at his brothers and sister enjoying swimming, diving in sea water for fish. For past 24 hours, no family member has come near him to offer food. young seagull could tolerate no more. He could feel heat and hunger. He moved closer to edge and pretended to fall asleep. Still nobody took notice of him. His brothers and sister was dozing after a hearty breakfast and father was busy preening feathers on his back. Only his mother was looking at him and trying to tempt him with pieces of fish that lay at her feet. His begging and crying had no effect on her.
The Final Attempt
After a while it becomes apparent that youngest son is still very hesitant and afraid. mother decides to make one final attempt. She approaches him with a fish in her beak but keeps fish just out of reach. She has decided to exploit hunger of her son for his betterment. young seagull is desperately trying to reach fish brought by his mother. But mother became very still in air. young seagull dived at fish and began falling in vast sea below. Instinctively he flapped his wings and began flying. He felt a little dizzy but all fear had vanished. whole family came near to encourage him. He dived in sea and then soared again. It was really a joyous moment for whole family. They throw bits of fish at him cheering him loudly. young seagull had successfully made his first flight.
The Black Aeroplane (Frederick Forsyth)
The Trip to England
The writer was going on a holiday trip to England. He was very excited and looking forward to meeting his family. It was 1:30 am in morning when he took out his small Dakota plane and got a nod from control tower. It was a clear night with no clouds in sky and light of magnificient Paris city could be seen down below. He was instructed to turn 12 degrees West. writer was enjoying flight when suddenly black clouds appeared infront of him. They resembled huge black mountains. He was already 150 km away from Paris and did not have sufficient fuel in his plane to turn towards North or South.
The Writer Panics
It was natural for him to panic. He decided to take risk. As plane entered clouds everything went berserk. compass as well as other Instruments stopped working. writer didn’t know how to turn for help as he was unable to connect control tower also. Suddenly, a plane appeared by his side, but there were no lights on its wings, which was a little strange. pilot waived at him and signalled him to follow. writer had no other option but to do as he said.
The Miracle Happens
And then he saw two bright lines infront of him. These were lights of a runway. He was able to land safely. As he walked away from his Dakota plane he was visibly relieved. He entered control tower and requested woman on duty to allow him to meet other pilot. She looked at him strangely and said that there was no other plane flying that night. His plane was only one. writer couldn’t believe his ears was he hallucinating or God had sent, somebody to help him. It was a miracle with no explanation.

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