10 English Chapter 11 Proposal Anton Chekov

Chapter Notes and Summary
The proposal is a one act play, a force by Russian short story writer and dramatist Anton Chekov Ivan Lomov, a long time wealthy neighbour of Stepan Chubukov comes to seek hand of Stepan’s daughter, Natalya. All three are very proud, haughty and quarrelsome and instead of proposing marriage they start fighting over petty issues. proposal is made but quarrelling continues.
Detailed Summary
The play is set in rural countryside of Russian Ivan arrives at home of Chubukov family. elderly Stepan assumes that he has come to borrow money. Instead, a pleasant surprise await him when Ivan asks for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Stepan is pleased and answers Ivan that his daughter will readily accept his proposal and that his blessings are with them. He loves him like his own son and even Natalya is like a lovesick cat. While alone Ivan delivers a soliloquy explaining his high level of nervousness. He is trembling as if he is going to appear for an examination. He also talks about various ailments that plague him like he gets excited easily jumps up like a lunatic, always getting awfully upset and so on. At this moment Natalya enters room saying that a merchant has come for his goods. They chat pleasantly about weather and agriculture. Ivan tries to bring up subject of marriage by saying that he has known their family since childhood. He knows her father and late mother very well and then he casually mentions his ownership of Oxen Meadows. Natalya stops conversation to clarify. She believes that her family always owned meadows and this ignities a debate, which sends tempers flaring and Ivan’s heart began to palpitate. Ivan feels dizzy and tries to calm himself down and change subject back to matrimony, only to get into argument once more. Natalya’s father also joins argument siding with his daughter and angrilly demanding that Ivan should leave at once. As soon as Ivan leaves their home, Stepan realises that youngman had come to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Shocked and apparently desperate to get married, she insists that her father should go and bring Ivan back. Now, she tries to have a romantic discussion, but soon they begin to argue which of their dogs is better hound and again they delve into a heated argument. Finally Ivan’s heart cannot take it anymore and he drops to ground. Stepan and Natalya believe that Ivan is dead. But soon Ivan comes back to his senses and again proposes to Natalya. She accepts, but before curtain falls, they return to their old argument as to who owns dog.
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