10 English Chapter 10 Sermon at Benares Betty Renshaw

Chapter Notes and Summary
Sermon is a religious discourse given by a saint, Gautama Buddha, born as Prince Siddhartha, after seeing suffering of world decided to give up all worldly pleasures and seek enlightenment. He finally attained salvation under a tree at Bodhgaya. He first sermon was delivered at Benares near bank of Ganges. Kisa Gautami was first one to receive this sermon.
Detailed Summary
Gautama Buddha—
The Enlightened One
The story begins with enlightenment attained by Gautama Buddha under a peepal tree. He was born as a prince with proverbial silver spoon. One day, at age of twenty five, while out on streets of his kingdom saw an old man, then a funeral procession and finally a monk begging for alms. These sights moved him so much, that he gave up all his riches and went in search of answers to sorrows he had witnessed. He wandered for seven years and finally under a peepal tree attained enlightenment. His first sermon was at city of Benares.
Kisa Gotami’s Story
Kisa Gotami only son died and she carried her dead son in her arms and went from door to door asking for medicines for her dead child. neighbours pitied her but couldn’t after any solace. They were as helpless as Kisa and couldn’t go against will of God. Finally, somebody suggested that she should go to Sakyamuni, Buddha. Kisa Gotami did precisely that Gautama Buddha enlightened one, told her to bring a handful of mustard seeds from a house where death has never knocked at door. Kisa thought that it was very easy task. She went to all houses in her village but couldn’t find a single house where death had not taken a beloved away. She sat down, tired and hopeless and realised that she was being very, selfish in her grief for death is common to all.
Gautama Buddha gives his First Sermon at Benares
Finally, she again went to Gautama Buddha, who said that it was not possible for anyone to avoid dying. Mortals when born are always in danger of death. Wise men and fools, all fall into power of death. Only wise do not grieve knowing and accepting this reality. All weeping and grieving will bring more pain and body will suffer. It will not bring dead person again to life. One who is composed will obtain peace of mind and will be free from sorrow and will be blessed.

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