10 English Chapter 10 Book that Saved Earth Claire Boiko

Chapter Notes and Summary
It is twenty fifth century. Historian who is sitting at a table near a moving projector. She is telling audience a story of twentieth century. She tells them twentieth century is called ‘Era of Book’. In those days there were books about everything, from anteaters to Zulus. Books used to teach people in every walk of life. They illustrated, educated, punctuated and even decorated. Historian tells audience that there was a single book named ‘Mother Goose’, which has saved Earth from Martian invasion. Because of this book Martian can never invade Earth. Now, Martian have become our friends. We taught them how to read and now they have established a model library in their capital city, Marsopolis.
Detailed Summary
Scene 1
The first scene starts in a Museum of Ancient History. It is time of twenty fifth century. It is dept of twentieth century on planet Earth. Historian is sitting at table. A movie projector is also there.
Historian Describes that Twentieth Century was Called ‘Era of Book’
First historian stands and bows to audience. Then, she says that twentieth century was often called ‘Era of Book’. She informs audience that in those days there were a lot of books. There were books about everything. In those days books taught people everything and they illustrated, educated, punctuated and even decorated.
Historian Tells that a Book Saved Earth
Historian tells audience that there was a book which stopped Martian invasion of 2014. There was s single book which stopped it and it never happened.
Historian Shows Think-Tank
Historian turns on projector and points it left. spot-light goes out and comes up down left on Think-Tank. He is of huge, egg shaped head and he wears a long robe decorated with stars and circles. His apprentice Noodle stands beside him at an elaborate switchboard. It is Mars space control and Think-Tank is its commander-in-chief.
Think-Tank Says that They are Going to Attack on Earth before Lunch
First Noodle bows before Think-Tank and then he asks for his orders. Think-Tank orders Noodle to let him to talk with their manned space probe to planet Earth. Think-Tank says that they will soon overtake it. Then, he asks Noodle to contract space probe. He says that they are going at attack Earth before lunch.
Scene 2
This scene is of Mars space control and Centerville Public Library. Captain Omega stands at centre he looks confused and he is opening and closing card catalogue drawers. Lieutenant Iota is up left. Sergeant Oop is at right he is turning pages of a book.
Think-Tank Asks about Location
Noodle tells Think-Tank that he has a close sighting of space crew. Think-Tank asks him to make a voice contact. Noodle calls for captain Omega to give them their location. Captain Omega tells him that they have arrived on Earth without any incident and they have taken shelter in a strange room which is square. Then, he asks Lieutenant Iota if she has any idea where they are. Lieutenant Iota tells him that place some sort of storage barn she also tells him that she has counted two thousand of these peculiar items (books). Oop tells him that he has travelled seven galaxies, but he has not seen anything like this. He calls them hats. Omega asks for Think-Tanks’s advice. Think-Tank looks at books. He calls them sandwiches and says that they are standing in a refreshment room.
Think-Tank Orders to Eat Book
Think-Tank tells them items in their hands are called sandwiches. These are main food of Earthlings. Think-Tank orders Omega to eat sandwich (book) and inform him. Omega asks Iota to eat because she hasn’t taken breakfast yet. Iota finds that it is great honour to be first Martian to eat sandwich. She advices Oop to eat sandwich. Oop bites at corner of book and he pretends to chew and swallow. Think-Tank asks him if it was delicious. Oop says yes, it is. But he wonder how Earthlings eat it without water.
Noodle Calls Book Communication Device
Noodle tells that they are not eating sandwiches. He calls them communication device. Then Think-Tank orders then to hear them (books). Think-Tank asks Omega if he listens something from them. Omega Oop and Iota hold books to their ears and try to listen them. Iota asks Omega if he hears anything. Omega says that he hasn’t. Think-Tank asks them if they have listen something. Omega tells him that it is not a correct frequency. Iota says that Earthlings have shaper ears.
Books as Eye Communication
Noodle says that there is an information about there sandwiches in his mind. He says that Earthlings opened them and watched them. Then Think-Tank says that those sandwiches for eye communication. Think-Tank orders to Omega to watch those sandwiches and informs him what he notice in them.
Think-Tank Orders to Break Code
Omega tells that they have some pictures of Earthlings. They have some sort of code, lines and dots. At this Think-Tank orders them to take vitamins to increase their intelligence and then break code. Omega takes vitamins. Then Omega reads nursery rhyme ‘Mistress Mary’.
Think-Tank Wonders
Think-Tank wonders to here Mistress Mary. He thinks how Earthlings have discovered how to combine agriculture and mining. They can also grow explosives. They can also grow crops of raw metals such as silver.
Think-Tank Says that Earthlings have Reached Higher Level of Civilisation
Think-Tank orders Noodle to tell invasion fleet to hold on as he has goten a new information. He asks Iota to transcribe information. Iota reads nursery rhyme. ‘Hey diddle diddle…… spoon’. At this Oop laughs, but Think-Tank orders him not to laugh. Think-Tank says that Earthling have reached a higher level of civilisation. They have taught their domesticated animals musical culture and space techniques. Even their dogs can laugh. Think-Tank informs them that Earthlings may be launching an interplanetary attack with help of millions of cows. He tells that it will on invasion that day. He asks Oop to read next code.
Think-Tank Says that Earthling have Seen Him
Think-Tank orders Oop to transcribe te next code. Oop reads another rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty… again’. Oop says that there is a picture of Humpty Dumpty. Think-Tank orders Oop to show picture of Humpty Dumpty. He show picture to him. Seeing picture Think-Tank screams. He says that it is him. He says that Earthlings have seen him and they are after him. They are planning to capture Mars.
Think-Tank Decides to Flee Mars
Then Think-Tank orders Noodle to prepare a space capsule for him as he decides to leave Mars. He says that they are going a hundred million miles from Mars. He orders Omega, Iota and Oop run off right as Noodle helps them.
Historian Tells that ‘Mother Goose’ Saved Earth from Martian Attack
Thus historian tells that one dusty old book of nursery rhymes saved world from Martian invasion. Historian also tell audience that in fifth century Earthlings contacted with Mars and they became friends. Noodle took place to Think-Tank. We taught Martian difference between sandwiches and books. They has established a model library in their capital, Marsopolis. But Martian can never read one book which is called ‘Mother Goose’.

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