10 English Chapter 1 A Triumph of Surgery James Herriot

Chapter Notes and Summary
The story ‘A Triumph of Surgery’ is a story of three persons Mrs Pumphrey, her dog Tricki and Dr Herriot. Mrs Pumphrey was a very rich lady. She started overfeeding her dog. dog fell seriously ill. Mrs Pumphrey consulted a veterinary surgeon, Dr Herriot. Dr Herriot treated dog in a very simple way of treatment and gave him fully freedom. In a week, dog had completely recovered from its illness. recovery of dog was declared ‘A Triumph of Surgery’ by Mrs Pumphrey.
Detailed Summary
Dr Herriot was Disappointed to See Dog
When Dr Herriot saw Tricki, dog of Mrs Pumphrey, he was really worried about it. He was shocked to see first appearance of dog. Tricki had become hugely fat like a bloated sausage with a leg of each corner. dog’s eyes were bloodshot and rheumy; his tongue came out from his jaws. Seeing condition of Tricki, Dr Herriot was very disappointed and shocked. Mrs Pumphrey informed Dr Herriot that Tricki didn’t eat anything. It would refuse even its favourite dishes, he had bouts of vomiting.
Dr Herriot Started His Treatment
Dr Herriot brought dog, first he made up a bed for dog; Tricki in a warm loose box next to one where other dogs slept. First two days Dr Herriot gave dog only water but no food. In end of second day Tricki started to show some interest in surroundings and on third day it began to whimper when he heard dogs in yard. When doctor opened door, Tricki trotted out and was immediately engulfed by Joe, greyhound and his friends. Later that day, Dr Herriot was present at time of feeding. After feeding of dog; Tricki went to bowls. It smelt them and licking casually inside one or two of them, because Dr Herriot did not put out bowl of Tricki. next day bowl for Tricki was put out, doctor was pleased to see that Tricki ran towards bowl.
Dr Herriot Informed Mrs Pumphrey
Dr Herriot informed about Tricki’s progress. Hearing progress of her dog, Mrs Pumphrey was much pleased and she started to bring fresh eggs for Tricki at a time and bottles of wine. Tricki now had a extra egg in morning. partners of doctor were very happy. They advised doctor to keep Tricki as a permanent guest. Thus, they could get fresh eggs and bottles of wine everyday.

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