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SSC MTS Tier-I 2017 Questions: 3rd October

These questions are based review given by students who have attempted the SSC MTS exam. Candidates having MTS (multi-tasking staff) Exam in other shifts can go through these questions and can expect these types of questions to be asked in upcoming shifts as well.


Q1. Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP) belongs to which part in Indian Constitution?

Ans. Part 4

Q2. Who invented Internet Protocol?

Ans. Bob Kahn

Q3. Which Mughal took chair after Akbar?

Ans. Jahangir

Q4. Which age group can apply for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana?

Ans. between 18 and 50 years

Q5. Which mountain divides Asia and Europe?

Ans. Ural Mountains

Q6. What is Ubuntu?

Ans. Operating System

Q7. Synonym/Antonym







Q8. Spelling Check



Q9. DI – Histogram

Q10 . Skeet is related to which game?

Q11 . Mohiniyattam is the dance form of which state?

Q12 . When was Rastramandal held in India?

Q13 . Sir creek line between which country?

Q14 . Who is the author of “India at risk”?

Q15 . Which dance related to martial arts?

Ans. chaau

Q16 . What is the minimum amount of Sunkanya scheme?

Q17 . Pole star called ______.

Ans. north star

Q18 . Which state got Best E-gov award 2017?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh

Q19 . Trade in sea?

Q20 . Gulf of Mannar seperate?

Q21 . Jet plane – KE+PE energy

Q22 . Sex birth caste comes in which article of Indian Constitution?

Q23 . What is the full form of HTTP?

Q24 . Photo cell change light energy into ______?

Q25. Which product is formed when CaO reacts with water?

Ans. slaked lime

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