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Directions: In  the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. against each number, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. find out the appropriate word in each case.

India with its 600 universities and 35,000 colleges is the third (___166___) education system in the world. But 68 per cent of these universities and 73 per cent of colleges are (___167___) to be medium or low quality by Indian standard itself. With a severe shortage of quality higher education institutions, India faces the challenge of educating nearly 30 per cent of its 1,1 billion people. Certainly, India requires many more institutions of higher (___168___) since nearly 100 million students are going to the higher education market in the next 10 years. In such a scenario improving the standards of (___169___) universities and establishing quality institutions should be our priority. Steps should be (___170___) to reduce the disconnect between higher education institutions and industry requirements. The possibilities of private sector contributions in higher education should be fully exploited. The practice of big business houses and philanthropists promoting quality universities in the west could be (___171___) in India. But before initiating such private sector participation in higher education the government should ensure that there are proper checks and controls on the activities of such entities. Also It is our recent experience that the mushrooming of substandard schools and (___172___) universities (___173___) resulted in the deterioration of educational standards in India. Upgrading the higher education sector especially in terms of patents filed and cutting edge research output is essential in improving India’s global ranking. Our sustainable economic development depends on Human resources. A quality higher education base is essential (___174___) reap full benefits of our demographic dividend. In its mission to redress inefficiencies in higher education, the strategies of the 12th plan focus on technical education, distance learning, quality research, infrastructure, faculty and curriculum content. Wholehearted, coordinated efforts of the government departments and the private sector are needed to (___175___) the plans educational goals.



(a) largest

(b) large

(c) larger

(d) bigger

(e) affluent



(a) founded

(b) found

(c) finding

(d) being found

(e) been founded



(a) learn

(b) learning

(c) played

(d) paid

(e) paying



(a) existing

(b) existed

(c) perished

(d) excellent

(e) exciting



(a) take

(b) took

(c) taken

(d) stopped

(e) forwarded



(a) repeated

(b) replicated

(c) copying

(d) repeating

(e) replicating



(a) deemed

(b) deeming

(c) dreaming

(d) dreamt




(a) have

(b) has

(c) has been

(d) have been

(e) would be



(a) for

(b) in

(c) with

(d) to

(e) by



(a) realise

(b) realising

(c) understand

(d) achieving

(e) realised


            1 a       2 b       3 c       4 a       5 c       6 b       7 a       8 b       9 d       10 a

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