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Directions: In  the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. against each number, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. find out the appropriate word in each case.

In an upper class drawing room in Mumbai, a dozen or so (___81___) the city’s intelligentsia is (___82___) on the dregs of what was a livewire party an hour ago. Poets, editors, writers, filmmakers, all card-carrying members of the rich and powerful, not at this late hour, on their I  their ninth drink are (___83___) in what Indians are best known to do media bashing, armchair criticism and name-calling. Inevitably the talk turns to Tehelka, and its managing director and editor-in-chief, TarunTejpal, and the party quickly degenerates into an orgy of guilt and shame and that peculiar habit of the Indian intelligentsia passing the buck, with every one present attacking his neighbour for not supporting Tejpal more. It is a trait Tejpal is (___84___) with and has been telling me about in the weeks preceding this interview. Often at parties when someone (___85___) me great job, cany on what you are doing, and showers with me staggering praise, staggering love, staggering (___86___) I just smile and let it pass as I dont want to score a brownie point and say, and what about you boss, what will you do ?This lightly tossed sentence with the slightest hint of a dark chuckle is the only time I have seen Tejpal allow for bitterness, though I have been (___87___) him for weeks for sings of it. Because, for a man who has been the victim of the most (___88___) government witch hunts in recent years, Tejpal is astonishingly devoid of (___89___) You expect him to rage, to spew fire, to heap scorn and anger at his enemies, and instead, what you encounter, is a man in whose eyes you see only compassion and a weary understanding of the nature of the beast. The abiding irony in all this is that unlike his armchair supporters in the middle class, who rave and rant on his behalf, but do nothing else, Tejpal displays forbearance. The fact that I am essentially a literary animal and that my entire sensibility has been shaped by literature has helped. I’m not a black and white person. Im a (___90___) who understands the greys, he says to me at a coffee shop, over tea.




(b) in


(d) off





(b) feeds


(d) feeding





(b) lending


(d) indulging





(b) familiar


(d) free




(a) bold

(b) said 

(c) ask

(d) say

(e) tells



(a) delight

(b) contempt

(c) worship

(d) affection

(e) admiration



(a) lure

(b) teasing

(c) baiting

(d) harassing

(e) matching



(a) gentle

(b) good

(c) virtuous

(d) vicious

(e) wicked



(a) forbearance

(b) anger

(c) wrath

(d) forgiveness

(e) gale



(a) boy

(b) guy

(c) youth

(d) human being

(e) fellow


            1 a       2 d       3 d       4 b       5 e       6 e       7 c       8 d       9 b       10 b

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