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Directions: In  the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. against each number, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. find out the appropriate word in each case.
With the announcement that he would donate Rs. 8,846 crore of his equity in the company to the philanthropic trust he controls, the founder and chairman of infotech giant Wipro Ltd AzimPremji has set the (___306___) very high for other mega rich businessmen of the country. The ___28___th richest man in the world, and India’s third richest, could not have made a better and more sound (___307___) choice than this. His AzimPremji Foundation is already working in the rural areas of the country to improve the quality of education and is not in the process of setting up a university for the poor. This (___308___) will be a welcome addition to the kitty of a sector that Has the capability to transform India but is badly handicapped due to the lack of adequate funding. Other IT majors Infosys, MindTree, TCS and HCL also support programmes that support social equity. At a time when India’s economic footprint on the global stage Is rising, the (___309___) between the different strata of society has also been increasing This is riot a positive development and the underprivileged sectors need to be equipped with life skills so that they. A very basic requirement of this life skills development is to educate them and make them employable. The fact that most of the heads of these IT majors are (___310___) first-generation entrepreneurs (___311___) that education, more than anything else, is a great leveler. At the same time, the improved economic conditions will also push, up people into the middleclass bracket and make India a much more attractive market. According to Forbes, which keeps a tab oil the (___312___) of the rich and famous, India has ___69___ billionaires. Yet how many consider (___313___) as a priority when it comes to spending ? Industry reports indicate that Indians spend about Rs. 30,000 crore a year on charitable (___314___) and this includes the money spent by companies on their corporate social responsibility programmes. This Is not (___315___) and Indians, especially the corporate czars, have much more ability to give. In a foreword to Corporate Social Responsibility in India, MS Swaminathan correctly says  Just as good ecology is good business, good philanthropy will also be good business in the (___316___) term. Should the country institutionalize CSR interventions to deal (___317___) malnutrition, education, health, employment and poverty ? The government would welcome a helping hand, wouldn’t it ?



(a) expectations


(c) status


(e) task



(a) investment

(b) profit


(d) significant

(e)basic ,







(e) endowment







(e) gap







(e) promoting







(e) steps







(e) life



(a) philanthropy

(b) donations

(c) philosophy

(d) spirituality

(e) helping



(a) types

(b) causes

(c) trusts

(d) donations

(e) costs



(a) enough

(b) expected

(c) correct

(d) less

(e) required



            1 b       2 a       3 e       4 e       5 d       6 c       7 d       8 a       9 b       10 a

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